RISSC Report 7/4/2019


World Citizens-Participating Cultural Diplomacy Suggested as a New Solution for Peace

International conference for peace development held in Bucharest, Romania as the presidency of the European Union

In Romania where discussions for peace and security of the international community have been actively operated as the presidency of EU in 2019, a peace conference took place for 2 days from April 1st with the presence of the heads of state, governments, civil society, and international NGOs registered under the United Nations.



The U.N. observances of the World Interfaith Harmony week

For the last several years, I have had the privilege of representing Shinnyo-en at two distinct observances of the United Nations’ World Interfaith Harmony week, held annually in February. These two iterations of the intention behind interfaith harmony week have traditionally taken form as an inter-religious prayer service and a dialogue. This year, I participated once more in the Westchester County-based Inter-religious prayer service, hosted this year at The India Center of Westchester on February 2nd, 2019, which was coordinated by Dr. Charles Chesnavage.


Why I Took My 2-Year-Old to a Global Interfaith Conference

Have you ever traveled with young children? Everything takes longer. Bathroom stops, hauling around luggage, walking, eating.

You do not get to only focus on your destination; instead, you are constantly making sure everyone is fed, comfortable and satisfied. Time zones and sleep schedules change. Traveling with children is sort of an inconvenience.

When I voluntarily chose to take my 2-year-old with me to Toronto for the Parliament of the World’s Religions in November, there were times I doubted myself.

Is this trip worth the trouble? Will he remember this experience when he’s older? Will the cost of the plane ticket, meals and other expenses outweigh the positive experience I hope he will have?

To answer these questions, a word about my upbringing. I was reared in far right-wing fundamentalist churches as a kid.