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I sought guidance from Allah the Exalted in compiling a collection of beautiful anecdotes from the people of inspiration that eases the difficulties of the path for the aspirant, fortifies the buttresses of truthfulness and fulfillment of the ones sought, and tasks those who hear them to the limit in pursuit of the very limits. These include statements I have taken from their sources as well as those which Allah has conferred upon me from His treasuries.

I have named this collection The Ornaments of Gatherings, such that he who sees himself worthy of admonition may adorn himself with it and embellish his gatherings with the slightest portion of it, for it is a network of hearts, a courtesy to dear friends, and a collection of gifts of the heart from the treasuries of worlds unseen. May Allah benefit those who listen to it, read it, and those who love Him on account of it—out of His largesse and mercy. May Allah confer blessings upon our master Muhammad, his kinsfolk, and his issue.