Mabda Report 7/7/2013

Muslim Culture on English Football Pitches

Craving their names as stars in the premier league, Muslim players are increasingly affecting the English football culture, with fasting the holy month of Ramadna and prayer accommodation taking growing attention of fans.

"Arsenal would prefer me to not fast, but they understand this is a special moment for me and they try to accommodate things to make me better," Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby, 27, told BBC Sport on Friday, July 5.

In defence of a multicultural Europe

The debate about multiculturalism resurfaced after the recent Boston bombings, Woolwich attack and Stockholm protests. Many now feel justified in saying that multiculturalism across Europe and the West has failed miserably. It’s easy to feel that cultures are boundaries, incapable of coexisting.  But history has proven otherwise.

Recognizing the multiple cultural influences in Western history is an important means not only to reduce tensions in our communities but also to encourage more understanding and respect among our societies.

British TV Airs Muslim Adhan on Ramadan

Appealing to the religious minority, the British channel 4 will broadcast the Muslim call to prayer on a daily basis during the holy month of Ramadan, to present a true image for moderate Muslims and challenge those who associate the religion with terrorism.

“Observing the adhan on Channel 4 will act as a nationwide tannoy system, a deliberate ‘provocation’ to all our viewers in the very real sense of the word,” Ralph Lee, head of factual programming, wrote in the Radio Times and was quoted by The Independent.

Lee said that the “vast majority of people in Britain” would not be aware of the “mass act of personal sacrifice and worship” about to commence during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.