MABDA Report 4/4/2016

‘50 Mosque Man’ asks people of all faiths to find commonalities

If you meet Jameel Syed, be prepared to have your photo taken with him.

It’s a simple action he initiates to build connections. Syed prefers action to talk, although he’s skilled at the latter as he demonstrated with his message Sunday morning at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lawrence.


Interfaith group bonds together to support Syrian refugee family

Humanity has no religion, and three religious groups here in Calgary are proving just that.

Members of Temple B'nai Tikvah, Living Spirit United Church and Friends Church have joined forces to sponsor a Syrian refugee family despite their differences in religious beliefs.

“The point is there is no point to be made,” said DeAnn Watson of Friends Church.  “We go to our churches to satisfy our souls but we don’t need that to govern every other part of our lives. We break down the walls because the base of any religion is the same: compassion.”


Church to discuss commonalities among Islam, other religions

Since the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels last month, the negative dialogue aimed toward members of the Muslim community has only intensified, according to Rev. Lee Bluemel.

Bluemel, the minister of The North Parish of North Andover Unitarian Universalist Church, has heard concerns from her parishioners about the "anti-Muslim rhetoric" that has made its way into the news around the country and in the Merrimack Valley.