MABDA Report 31.10.10

{jcomments on}Sunday 31 October, 2010

Farah El-Sharif

World Interfaith Harmony Week

The Website for the World Interfaith Harmony Week went up this week!

Check it out here:

There are many ways you can show your support towards this important UN Resolution. Here’s how:

(1) Write a personal email or letter of support for this initiative and post it at 
(2) Spread the word about this initiative to your mailing lists. 
(3) Post any resources you think would be important to theme of the World Interfaith Harmony Week at at the appropriate place.
(4) Record any interfaith event that you know will take place on the first week of next February.

There’s also a facebook page:

Jump Rope with a Muslim

On Saturday the 30th of October, a group of ordinary Muslims, living in the Washington, DC area organzied a “Jump Rope with a Muslim” activity during the “Rally to Restore Sanity” at the Washington, DC National Mall.

The light-hearted display came as a tongue-in-cheek attempt at pacifying fear of Islam and Muslims as portrayed in some mainstream media outlets. The organizers described themselves as a “group of moderate, sane, ordinary Muslims wanting to show the rest of the country that, honestly – we’re really not that scary.” The activitiy constituted of a five-rope service station where people can jump rope with “a real-live Muslim”.

Rally attendees were encouraged to participate to stand up to fear and show support for unrepresented, peaceful Muslim-Americans. “This is an opportunity for ordinary Muslim-Americans to set the record straight,” said Wajeeha Shuttari, group leader. “The reality is Muslims are integrated and are positive contributors to American society.  The fear of Muslim-Americans is not worth compromising our American values – or our sanity.”

The rally, which was led by Comedy Central network superstar John Stewart of “The Daily Show” as a statement against the often simply outrageous rhetoric infiltrating American public opinion, was held at the National Mall in Washington DC and was attended by more than 50,000 people.

Read more:

Inside the Lucrative “Anti-jihad” Industry

One of the under-examined aspects of the recent bloom in anti-Muslim sentiment is the role of professional “anti-jihad” activists. These are people like the blogger Pamela Geller, the author Robert Spencer, the investigator Stephen Emerson, and the think tank denizen Frank Gaffney. They have made careers out of writing reports on sharia law, testifying against the construction of mosques around the country, and appearing on cable to talk up the threat from Muslims.

This article does an excellent expose on the motivations behind this radical anti-Muslim punditry, and sheds light on Stephen Emerson’s corporation who has a heavy hand in the dubious funding of anti-Muslim organizations in America.

Read the article here: