Mabda Report 30/01/12

World Interfaith Harmony Week round the corner!

We have just 2 days before the World Interfaith Harmony Week begins; this is still plenty of time to organize an event. Over the past week we've seen a near doubling of events posted to our site. The WIHW is gaining momentum again and it's time to push it over the tipping point!

After the congregants of an Orthodox synagogue could no longer afford their rent, they found help in the local mosque

Near the corner of Westchester Avenue and Pugsley Street in Parkchester, just off the elevated tracks of the No. 6 train, Yaakov Wayne Baumann stood outside a graffiti-covered storefront on a chilly Saturday morning. Suited up in a black overcoat with a matching wide-brimmed black fedora, the thickly bearded 42-year-old chatted with elderly congregants as they entered the building for Shabbat service.

The only unusual detail: This synagogue is a mosque.

Or rather, it’s housed inside a mosque. That’s right: Members of the Chabad of East Bronx, an ultra-Orthodox synagogue, worship in the Islamic Cultural Center of North America, which is home to the Al-Iman mosque.

“People have a misconception that Muslims hate Jews,” said Baumann. “But here is an example of them working with us.”

An Islamic Reflection on Living Life with a Purpose

The Prophet Muhammad taught us that when we die, the wealth and children we have amassed will not go with us in our graves nor will they be of any benefit to us. How true. Yet, too often we work so hard for wealth, status, glory and so much more, believing that our salvation and happiness lies in these accomplishments. But, the Prophet then added, "There are three things that continue to benefit you while you are in the grave: beneficial knowledge you leave behind; the continuously beneficial acts of charity; and a child who prays for you." This prophetic teaching (hadith), sums up how we can live life with a purpose, a purpose that is greater than our own self and ego.