MABDA Report 29/07/12

American Team Wears Hijab to Support Captain

Cheering up their Muslim teammate, a Floridian high school football team decided to don hijab before their season finale game to show solidarity with their Muslim captain who has been taunted repeatedly over her religious outfit.

“Everybody looked at us weird,” West Broward senior Marilyn Solorzano told Sun Sentinel website on Friday, April 20.

“I understand now everything she went through and how hard it must have been.

MPAC's Communication Coordinator to Speak at Interfaith World Peace Pilgrimage

On Saturday, July 28, Marium Mohiuddin, MPAC's Communication Coordinator, will be taking part in the first ceremony of the Interfaith World Peace Pilgrimage where all faiths will unite for world peace at Mt. Baldy, California.

For the past 3 years more than 200 people from many different faiths have come together on sacred Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains, east of Los Angeles, to send out a wave of love and light to the world. This year's Interfaith World Peace Pilgrimage to Mount Baldy is gearing up to be the largest gathering of faiths ever seen upon this Holy Mountain.

Man Gives Homeless a Voice for Ramadan

Like his fellow Muslims around the world, New York City resident Yusef Ramelize will spend much of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan fasting, praying and performing charitable works. But for the fourth year in a row, he will help the needy in a unique way: by living on the streets for a week to better understand the plight of the homeless.

In 2009, Ramelize learned from media sources that homelessness in New York was growing at an alarming rate: at the time, 30,000 homeless people and 10,000 families were sleeping in city shelters each night. He knew that he wanted to help the homeless, many of whom had recently lost their jobs and been forced into the streets by the economic crisis, but he decided to draw on his talents as a production manager and graphic designer in devising an approach to the homelessness problem.

Embracing a greener Ramadan

The holiest month of the Islamic year, Ramadan, began last Friday, 20 July. This Ramadan, many Muslims are looking at a new dimension of the month: our impact on the earth. This is particularly important as we learn more about the effects of climate change, dwindling resources and, most importantly, decreasing access to fresh water around the world, which is a growing concern in many Muslim communities and countries.

Muslims believe that God has asked them to abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan. In addition to fasting, Muslims around the world aspire to attain spiritual contentment and come closer to God through increased prayer, meditation, helping others and self-reflection. While fasting is the most well known aspect of the month, it is also a time to be more aware of the universal principles of mercy, compassion and respect for the Earth that our faith teaches.