MABDA Report 29/3/2015

San Francisco Faith Ring Protects Muslims

Showing solidarity with San Francisco Muslims, dozens of residents and religious leaders formed an interfaith ring around a mosque after Friday Prayer to support the religious minority amid soaring Islamophobia.

“We’re saying right now we’re standing up against Islamophobia in our community," Rabbi Daniel Goldblatt, founder of the Interfaith Council of San Ramon Valley, told the crowd, San Francisco Chronicle reported on Friday, March 27.

Archbishop Fitzgerald: Fethullah Gülen has inspired many Muslims to be engaged in interfaith dialogue

The English-born Archbishop Michael Louis Fitzgerald, one of the Catholic Church's main experts on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations, has said that Fethullah Gülen has inspired many Muslims to engage in interfaith dialogue, and that this is a good thing.
“I have seen this commitment bearing fruit, for instance in Australia,” said Archbishop Fitzgerald, adding that another important feature of Gülen's work is his insistence on education.

Inter-religious dialogue: the way to defeat extremism

“We will defeat radicalism only if we stay united” said Parliament’s First Vice-President Antonio Tajani, opening Tuesday’s high-level conference of MEPs and religious community leaders on the rise of religious radicalism and fundamentalism. EP President Martin Schulz, who closed the debate, said “We have to have the courage to take people on board and encourage dialogue between religions”.

At the start of the meeting, Vice-President Tajani called for one minute’s silence for the victims of the Airbus Germanwings crash on Tuesday.