MABDA Report 28.11.10

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MABDA Report 28/11/2010

Sentenced without Trial

Worldwide it is acknowledged that the Mosque is a sacred place for Muslims, where they congregate together in submission to worship their creator. It was the focal point from which the Muslim empire was established.

Unfortunately, Islamophobes are unaware of the great significance Islam places on holiness of mosques. If they take a closer look, they will find that the mosque is a reflection of mercy, love of God and the neighbor, brotherhood with all faiths, interfaith, promotion of peace and prohibition of all forms of violence and aggression, it is virtue beyond words. Why attack and fear a religion they have not taken time to grasp and understand?

Beer thrown at mosque following Kingston protest march

A group of masked men attacked the Kingston mosque last Monday by throwing bottles of beer, leaving bacon on cars parked by the mosque and urinating on the walls. This happened soon after a march against Muslim extremism.

Rizwan Khaliq, spokesman for the Kingston Muslim Association, said: “Under the pretence of protesting against extreme elements within the Islamic faith, a group of masked men congregated outside the mosque shouting obscenities at the mainly elderly congregation inside. All decent folk must come together and unite against the hate agenda – which has no place in our community.”

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German Muslim leader urges better protection of mosques

A Muslim German leader called for a better protection of mosques after the latest attack on a mosque in Berlin, the fourth of its kind during the last 6 months.

Talking to reporters, the Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims Aiman Mazyek said, “Rarely does a week go by without an attack on a mosque.” “The current terror hysteria exacerbates this climate … and strengthens those people who plan such attacks,” he added.

“’Not a week goes by without the violation of a mosque,’ Mayzek said. ‘The current terrorist hysteria is worsening the climate, reducing solidarity with Muslims and strengthening those people who plan to attack them.’

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Prayer for Rain in Jerusalem

60 local Jewish and Muslim religious leaders and one Christian  have come together in prayer for rain in Jerusalem as the unusually dry winter conditions continue to take hold in the Middle East.  Organized by Rabbi Yehuda Stolov of the Interfaith Encounter Association, the interfaith prayer for rain in the Holy Land  showed the commonality that the adherents of the three religions shared in the needs of the region in which they all lived. Rabbi Yehuda also vouched his support for the World Interfaith Harmony Week earlier this week.

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