Mabda Report 27/05/12

Christian and Muslim leaders visit Nigeria

An inter-religious delegation of senior Muslim and Christian leaders has begun a fact-finding visit to Nigeria on 22 May, where in recent months an increase in violence has threatened relations between the two religious communities in Northern Nigeria.

The delegation is being led by Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC), and Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan, chairman of the Royal Aal Al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought.

In addition to investigating first-hand the situation and factors in the present tensions, the delegation by its presence is expressing to the political and religious leaders in Nigeria the concerns of the international community about the violence.

A ‘peace’ of art

On that day at noon, after more than two years in the planning, Fife Interfaith Group will take the covers off a spectacular ‘Peace Pole’.

More than 100,000 peace poles have now been erected worldwide but the two-metre high Kirkcaldy version is relatively unusual in that it has been carved in stone.

The Interfaith Group had originally planned just to plant a tree as a sign of their commitment to peace but when it became aware that a corner of the Kirkcaldy park was to be revitalised the possibility of something even more appropriate came about.

More usually carved in wood, every peace pole is four-sided and on each face, in a different language, are the words ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’.

In Kirkcaldy the languages being used are English, Polish, Urdu and Arabic.

Faithful walk together across religious lines

People of different faiths gathered in West Elmira on Sunday to take a small step toward a goal of world peace.

The Southern Tier Interfaith Coalition sponsored the first "Abraham Walk," an event that brought together people from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions.

The prophet Abraham is common to all three religions, and organizers of the walk hope that the process will help start a dialog and better understanding and trust among various faiths.

Dr Wyatt applauds women’s role in interfaith harmony promotion

Dr. Marilyn Wyatt, wife of the US ambassador to Pakistan, participated in a women’s interfaith dialogue here on Thursday. Participants included over 40 female religious leaders from various faiths, as well as teachers and civil society activists. Dr. Amineh Ahmed Hoti, an anthropologist, author and noted women’s right activist, moderated the dialogue.

During the dialogue, the participants discussed the role of faith in daily life, the importance of interfaith cooperation and the important role women play in promoting religious tolerance and interfaith harmony. Dr. Wyatt noted that women specially understood the importance of tolerance, dialogue and service to humanity.