Mabda Report 22/01/12

Interfaith events thriving all over the world in preparation and honor of  the World Interfaith Harmony Week. Breakfasts, lunches, Prayers, Chantings from different religions will all take place during the first week of February for the second year.!/world.interfaith.harmony.week

Mosque to host interfaith event

Religious leaders will come together for an event in London promoting world interfaith harmony.

Panelists will talk on the subject of forgiveness, compassion and oneness at the free event at London Central Mosque.

Speakers include Rabbi Jackie Tabick, chairman of the World Congress of Faiths, Reverend Peter Owen Jones, known for his BBC program Around The World In 80 Faiths; and Imam Abduljalil Sajid, chairman of the Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony UK and president of Religions for Peace UK.

'Places of Faith' Tells What Really Goes on in America's Temples, Mosques and Churches

What do Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn, Hispanic Catholics in central Nebraska, megachurch evangelicals in Houston and South Asian Muslims in suburban Detroit have in common?

More than many people could ever imagine.

Forget the popular cultural images from shows such as HBO's "Big Love" that revive stereotypes linking Mormonism with polygamy or the ubiquitous images in the news associating Islam with terrorism. Look past the cultural crossfire that lumps religious liberals and conservatives into separate boxes defined by extremist political and social agendas.

Interfaith rally at Long Island mosque condemns hate crimes

When one group is harmed, we all are.

That was the message Friday in Huntington as a diverse cross section of public officials and clergy stood together in solidarity to denounce a recent string of hate crimes in Huntington and other parts of Long Island.