MABDA Report 21.11.10

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MABDA Report 21/11/2010

With the celebration of Eid al Adha, Muslims from all over the world gathered to perform the pilgrimage of Hajj, an experience that encourages coexistence, equality and peace, regardless of class or color. Unfortunately, in the West Islam is depicted as a religion that promotes terror and aggression. This in turn leads to an ever increasing number of incidents involving terror and aggression against Muslims in Europe and the USA. These acts of hate must be documented, along with voices who actively create the climate for such acts to take place.

Hajj Sermon Pleads ‘No to Terrorism’

Millions of pilgrims are returning to their homelands after completing one of the five central rites of Islam, the Hajj, or the Greater Pilgrimage in Mecca. Approximately 3 million people of all nationalities, ages and background gathered on Mt. Arafah outside Mecca on the 9th of the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijjah – the most important rite of the Hajj.  On that day, a sermon is typically given to address all pilgrims about the most pressing issues related to Islam and Muslims today. This year, Saudi Arabia´s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al Sheikh said Islam is a religion based on justice and equity, which does not admit terrorism, extremism and injustice in his sermon that was directed to the millions in attendance. Among other themes regarding protecting of the environment and upholding order and justice in one’s home community, Shaykh Abdul Aziz stressed that Islam strongly condemns terrorism and extremism in any kind.

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EDL Supporter Threatened Waiter Because Restaurant Served Halal Meat

Workers in an Indian restaurant in Bridgewater, UK are being targeted on religious and racist grounds.

“Last Tuesday, Sedgemoor Magistrates heard how Ashley Wilson, 24, smashed a glass pane at the restaurant and threatened to cut waiters’ faces because they served Halal meat. The court heard that he had asked Mr Kamali and Sultan Ahmet “Are you Muslim?” When they said yes, he said “I’m going to cut your face” and that it was “because I’m EDL [English Defence League].”

Mr. Kamali said that incidents like this were occurring too often, and the matter was becoming more and more frightening.

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Murfreesboro Islamic Center: Judge Rejects Islamophobes’ Complaint

Last Wednesday a judge refused to stop the building process of a proposed mosque in Tennessee. The project was opposed by some local residents who believed that there is a conspiracy by Muslims to impose extremist law all around the United States.

“Rutherford County Chancellor Robert Corlew ruled after closing arguments that he could not find that the “county acted illegally, arbitrarily or capriciously” in approving the plan. But much of the questioning from plaintiffs’ attorney Joe Brandon Jr. during seven days of testimony since late September was about whether Islam qualified as a religion. He pushed his theory that American Muslims want to replace the Constitution with extremist Islamic law.”

Corlew believed that the members of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro and those who were in charge of building the Mosque did not have any extremist religious ideas.

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