MABDA Report 28/2/2016

Rabat Hosts a Seminar on the Challenge of Mutual Recognition in Interfaith Relations

The Center for Research and Training in Interfaith Relations will be inaugurated with a launch event tomorrow at its headquarters in Rabat.

Launched under the auspices of the Mohamedian League of Religious Scholars (al Rabita al Mohammadiyya lil 'Ulama') the Center will seek to outline their approach in building partnerships across belief systems nationalities ethnicities age groups and genders through research training and various other activities.


Najib: Strengthen interfaith understanding, tolerance and respect for national harmony

here must be continuous efforts towards strengthening the pillars and fabric of multi-faith to ensure the nation's harmony remained intact.

In making the call, prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said Malaysia's complex society has managed to build the nation without any conflicts and this must be maintained.

"After independence, Malaysia has gracefully braced the challenges in bringing the nation up without any conflict that could destroy it.


 Hundreds attend BEGIN-sponsored presentation on Islam in Elm Grove

The Sunset Playhouse welcomed another packed house last Thursday night, but this time it wasn't for a musical or dramatic work.

Thursday's presentation was intended for only one purpose: To inform.

The Brookfield Elm Grove Interfaith Network (BEGIN) joined forces with the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee in order to put on the event, titled "What Do We Really Know About Islam? Answering the Difficult Questions."

Unitarian Universalist Church West minister Suzelle Lynch helped to introduce the forum, which included representatives from a number of religious communities.