MABDA Report 16/03/2014

A pastor and an imam once tried to kill each other — now they work to heal Nigeria

In the Nigerian town of Kaduna, two religious men were out to kill each other. And they almost did.

But now Pastor James Wuye and the Imam Muhammad Ashafa work side by side trying to heal the divide between Nigeria’s Christians and Muslims. They are the heads of the Interfaith Mediation Centre, which is housed in a brick building here in Kaduna along the frontline that straddles the Muslim neighborhoods to the north and the Christian neighborhoods to the south.

Doha Hosts Conference on Islamic Ethics

Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE), a member of Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), will be hosting its second annual international conference on ‘Ethics in a Changing World: Contemporary Perspectives’ this weekend.
“We are pleased to introduce the program of CILE’s second annual international conference on “Ethics in a Changing World: Contemporary Perspectives,” CILE website said in a statement released on Thursday, March 13.

'Of Many' Film Produced By Chelsea Clinton To Premier At Tribeca Film Festival, Featuring Muslim-Jewish Relations

Directed by Linda G. Mills, with Clinton as its Executive Producer, the film "Of Many" documents the extraordinary friendship between two religious leaders -- one Muslim, one Jewish -- and the rewards and costs of their uncommon alliance.

The film opens with footage of bombings from the Gaza conflict in 2012, followed by images of college students attending Palestinian and Israeli rallies and counter-rallies that serve as a stark reminder of the the volatile and painful tensions between Muslim and Jewish communities on many American university campuses.

Abraham as the bond between the Muslims, Jews and Christians topic on Wednesday

Despite worldwide religious strife, Muslims, Jews and Christians all hark from faith traditions that originate with the prophet Abraham. That fact is being promoted as a peace-building bridge at an event on Wednesday at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island in New Brighton.

Appreciation for both the similarities and the differences between the three major religions will be explored from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday. The event is sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Center of Staten Island, the Peace Islands Institute and the Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Church.