Mabda Report 16/01/12

Imam, priest, rabbi work together to educate

Being in a place such as the Quad-Cities, where most residents tend to be tolerant and some are interested in the world's major religions, makes it possible to host joint classes on Islam, Judaism and Christianity in a special three-week series, a local religious leader said.{jcomments on}

"I feel we have a unique situation here, among the United States," the Rev. Mike Schaab from St. Pius X Catholic Church in Rock Island said. "People of different faiths in other parts of the country and the world would be loath to walk down the street with one another."

Asian experts and scholars meet, to promote culture and interreligious dialogue

Three day meeting in Bangkok ends, bringing together 50 Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Confucian personalities as well as those from ethnic minorities. Indian Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil coordinated the event, explaining that the initiative is to address globalization and try to points of unity and exchange.,-to-promote-culture-and-interreligious-dialogue-23689.html

Seeking Common Ground Between Muslims And Christians

Taking its cue from the two commandments of the love of God and love of the neighbor, the Common Word asserted that there is a ground for theological engagement between Christians and Muslims (as well as Jews) while religious differences are to be admitted as part of a genuine dialogue and ethics of co-existence. At another level, this is a call for the acknowledgment of a Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. In addition to the intricacies of Christian and Muslim theology, there are also grounds for practical cooperation between the two largest religious and cultural communities of the world.

Christians, Jews and Muslims build a Habitat for Humanity home

In an era when religious tensions run high, a local group of Christians, Muslims and Jews has come together to throw down sod and pound nails, meanwhile laying the foundation for friendships, understanding and mutual respect.

Together they built a three-bedroom, two-bath Habitat for Humanity home. It's the 235th home built by Habitat volunteers in Pinellas County, sheltering the 600th child.