MABDA Report 15/7/2013

Spirit of Ramadan from different spots around the world.

Japan Free Iftars Welcome Ramadan

Welcoming the holy fasting month of Ramadan, Japanese Muslims are offering free iftars at the country’s largest mosque to Muslims and non-Muslims to introduce them to the Islamic culture.

“(Fasting) allows me to improve myself,” Benjdi El Mehdi, 27, a student from Morocco who was eagerly anticipating the meal, told The Japan Times.

“In fact, it is fun.”

UK Muslims share Ramadan with homeless

We want this Ramadan campaign to challenge some of the misconceptions people have about Islam,” Omar Salha, an alumnus of the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), said.

"But it's also about connecting with all communities on a more humanistic level.  "It's only right that as Muslims and Londoners we serve the wider London community in the spirit of Ramadan," he added.

The special iftars, held at Ramadan Tent in SOAS in Bloomsbury, central London, were first suggested by Salha, an activist in Muslim volunteer activities across Britain.

Russian Muslims welcome Ramadan with a great joy

Russians Muslims welcomed holy Ramadan with great enthusiasm. Around 20 million of Muslims around Russia including the capital city of Moscow flocked to the mosques to perform the first Tarawih prayer of this Ramadan.

Moscow is also home to two million Muslims who welcomed Ramadan with great joy. The tent mosque near the Moscow Central Mosque is also serving Muslims in performing their prayers.

Ildar Alyaudtdinov, imam of the Moscow Central Mosque, said that Ramadan is an opportunity for Muslims and people who had been awaiting Ramadan with great passion. The Tarawih prayer is being performed at midnight. After performing Tarawih, people reach their homes at 02:00 o’ clock.

Despite all, people were filling the mosque. “We are encouraging people to perform pray and read Quran. Fast begin time is 03.12,” noted Alyaudtdinov.