Mabda Report 15.08.11

MABDA Report 15/8/2011

Interfaith and Ramadan together hand in hand

The politics of fasting: lessons from Ramadan

It is always good to ponder the true meaning of our religious practices. The month of Ramadan has started and almost 1.5 billion Muslims around the globe are fasting, taking part in an individual and spiritual journey, as well as a communal religious celebration.

Ramadan is a time to come back to our selves, to come back to our families, our communities, and our societies. It is time for meditating on and for assessing our lives.

Beyond being a religious obligation – and often a family tradition – fasting is a school with different levels of knowledge, understanding and commitment.



Muslim and Christian leaders pledge interfaith harmony

Political and religious leaders across Pakistan are being urged to sign a new charter demonstrating their dedication to countering religious hatred.

Besides condemning violence, the Christian-Muslim Covenant of Non Violence in Pakistan urges signatories to actively tackle the root of religious tension and promote interfaith harmony.

The pledge, which has already attracted the high profile backing of Senator Malik Hakmeen Khan and General Secretary of the Human Rights Commission IA Rehman, calls for Christians and Muslims to work together ‘to bring prosperity to the country for all’.



Interfaith group plans 9/11 event to bring county’s diverse religious groups together

MARGATE – People define themselves by their differences – skin color, ethnicity, religion. A local faith-based group is bringing those differences together, working to break down stereotypes and enhance community outreach.

“Nothing else existed along these lines,” Krauss said. “There were various clergy groups within one faith, but not an opportunity for everyone to get together and provide an open forum to share their thoughts.”

Fifty-four organizations are involved in “Bridge of Faith,” with backgrounds in religion, education, charity, politics and social services. Members talk to local schools about discrimination and anti-bullying and have taken up social issues such as human trafficking in Atlantic City or violence in the Middle East. They also raised money for victims of last year’s Haiti earthquake.