Mabda Report 14/11/11

Muslim Pilgrims Gather For Hajj In Saudi Arabia

Muslims from across the world descended on this holy city ahead of the annual hajj pilgrimage, many of them with prayers for a peaceful resolution to the wave of uprisings roiling the Arab world.

Some 2.5 million people are expected to take part in the five-day event that starts Saturday, Saudi authorities said. The pilgrimage focuses on Mecca, Islam's holiest site and the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.

Interfaith voices to fight the famine, feed the future

More than 13 million people need our help in the Horn of Africa, and we as people of faith can come together this Thanksgiving by raising our collective voices to put an end to this famine. There is a call in each of the major faith traditions to serve those who are hungry and hurting, and the famine requires us to accept this call and put a stop to this injustice.

During a holiday that focuses so much on gratitude for the great abundance in our lives, let us give thanks by living out our faith and taking action to serve those who are without. Download Faith at ONE’s Interfaith Thanksgiving Guide to begin the conversation on faith and the famine, and learn practical ways you can take action in your faith community. The guide includes quotes from many of the major faiths to highlight the importance of social justice in each, as well as more information on the famine and what you can do to address the issue.

Slain Egyptian Christians Mourned As Hundreds March In Cairo

In Friday's march, crowds of Muslims and Christians called for unity as they marched from one of Cairo's main churches through one of the city's busiest streets, backing up traffic for several miles. Police guided the procession until it reached Tahrir Square, the epicenter of Egypt's uprising and the scene of continued protests directed at the military council that took over from Mubarak.