MABDA Report 13/4/2015

Interfaith harmony: ‘Love humanity, love all’

Before representing ourselves as Christians, Hindus or Muslims, we should represent humanity and spread peace in the country, said Kailash Sarhadi or Friday.

Addressing the ‘Interfaith Peace Convention 2015′ at the Karachi Institute of Professional Studies (Kips), Sarhadi said that we should come up with solutions and answers that help establish peace in Pakistan.


Americans show solidarity with Muslims in San Francisco

Showing solidarity with San Francisco Muslims, dozens of residents, religious leaders, Rabbis, pastors, priests and members of different faiths formed an interfaith ring around a mosque after Friday Prayer to support the religious minority amid soaring Islamophobia.

Organized by local interfaith groups, the human chain was attended by more than 200 people who circled San Ramon Valley Islamic Center.

Chanting “circle for the planet, circle for each soul. For the children of our children, keep the circle whole", participants stood shoulder to shoulder with locked arms to protest against the increasing Islamophobia in US.


Muslim Runs in London Marathon Against Cancer

Participating in 2015 London Marathon later in April, a British Muslim runner has only one contestant he intends to beat. It is cancer.

“My mission is to run 26.2 miles at this year's London Marathon on April 26th, with the aim of raising £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust,” Haroon Mota,the  Youth Support Coordinator for University College London Hospitals, told Muslim Matters on Saturday, April 12.