MABDA Report 13/04/2014

Nigeria Faiths Want United, Just Homeland

Muslims and Christians are calling for deeper understanding among members of the two communities attending Nigeria's stormy national conference, warning of the dangers of polarizing the nation along ethno-religious lines and expressing hopes that the country would emerge more united and stronger.

Muslims arrange Iftar Party for Christian delegation

“It is a joyful and historical evening when representatives of two revealed religions; Muslims and Christians are gathered for a good purpose to share each one’s faith and understanding on the topic of fast in their respective religions.” Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw OFM was talking to some 40 Muslims and Christians gathered at Bilal Markis Jallo, Lahore under the invitation of Pir Shafat Rasool , chairman of Council for Interfaith Dialogue(CIFD).

 Archbishop said that Jesus says in the Gospel of Matthew that where two or three are gathered in my name I am present in their midst. So we believe that God is very much present among us since we are gathered in his name to make one another about the concept of Fast in the Season of Lent.

Silsilah Dialogue Movement: Promoting peace in the Philippines across religious lines

A landmark peace agreement finalized late last month in the Philippines established a new autonomous region in part of the south where Muslims are a majority in a mainly Catholic nation. The pact closes a chapter on decades of tension and hostilities between Christians and Muslims in the region. The fighting cost an estimated 120,000 lives over more than 40 years. One of the lesser-known actors in the peace process is an interfaith organization known as the Silsilah Dialogue Movement. Madonna Virola visited the group in Mindanao Island and files this report.

Metro Detroit Interfaith Conference for Clergy & Community Leaders Hosted at Islamic House of Wisdom

The 2014 Restoring Marriage & Family Life Conference was hosted at the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights.  Action News Anchor Vic Faust was the emcee for this event.  Religious leaders from all over the area, specifically Detroit, came together to put a five-year plan in place to help build strong families in the City of Detroit.  They are starting a "grass-roots" campaign aimed at helping families, which studies show, help kids and improve community, which in turn provides a safer community.

Muslims, Jews and Christians participated in groups with one another, all focused on the same goals.  All agree that divorce is tearing apart families and people need to learn how to be good husbands and wives before they get married and have children.