Mabda Report 11/11/12

World Religious leaders meet in Rome and Florence

In two separate international conferences, both co-sponsored by a myriad of interreligious and civil organizations with patronage by municipal and Church officials, delegates of the world’s major religions and spiritual movements recently met and discussed creative, constructive responses to major global issues.

In Florence, representatives of the Mayor, and Msgr. Dante Carolli, the Interreligious Dialogue Delegate of the Bishop of Tuscany, welcomed 200 participants coming from all corners of the earth to the “Awakened World” conference which by chance coincided with Benedict XVIth address to the Synod on the importance of interfaith relations.

Islamophobia Awareness Month launched in Europe

The Islamophobia Awareness Month will be hosting a series of events aiming to highlight and address issues surrounding anti-Muslim hatred. This event in East London saw the launch of the campaign that included organisations from different religious and political backgrounds.

The event gathered high-profile speakers from the police and universities to members of parliament. Speakers included the British human rights lawyer, Imran Khan, who highlighted, what he believes, is a direct link between the negative portrayals of Islam in the media and hate crimes against Muslims.

Among the audience were many Muslims; hopeful to engage with other communities and change people’s perception of Islam. They feel it’s important to calm tensions that might exist amongst fellow citizens, because those tensions could and have spilled out into violence.

Leicester T-Shirts Show Positive Islam

Countering negative images about Islam, a University of Leicester's undergraduate Muslim student has launched a successful student's clothing business that spreads positive messages about his faith around the world.

People have a lot of misconceptions about Islam,” Umair Khan, an undergraduate medicine student, told University of Leicester Press Office on Friday, November 9.