Mabda Report 10.01.11

MABDA Report 9/12/2011

The first week of the year 2011 witnessed a couple of encouraging interfaith activities.

Interfaith goes Environment Friendly

A group of interfaith leaders went out on a mission to protect California deserts. Their aim was to encourage more congregations to take on issues affecting desert.

“Moses met the Lord in the form of a burning bush on a mountain in the Sinai desert. Jesus prayed in the desert for 40 days before beginning his ministry. The prophet Muhammad meditated in a cave on the desert mountain of Hira, where the Angel Gabriel recited the Koran to him.”,0,2708832.story

Muslim conference in Lauderdale Urges Community Involvement

A conference took place at the Islamic Society of North America. Its essence was that Muslims should not stay in their own circle, in the contrary mingle and work with others in order to enlarge their community and show the world the true meaning if Islam. Those encouraging words emanate from the fact that it is a religious duty.

“Serving people is an integral part of our religion," college professor Zaid Shakir told 300 listeners at the conference at the Broward County Convention Center. "Allah will continue to help his servant as long as the servant helps his brother."

Into the True Lives of American Muslims

“The TA’LEEF FILES” are a series of short films that highlight the intricate lives of American Muslims. Every Muslim has a story to tell and every story is a unique part of our collective whole.” Featuring the true life of an American Muslim, what they truly believe and how they came into terms with the religion of Islam. The films focus on the ideology of Muslims and illustrates in particular to the “islamophobes” what Islam is.

Iran & Switzerland Hold the 3rd Conference on Interfaith Dialogue

Iran & Switzerland Hold the 3rd Conference on Interfaith Dialogue under the title: “Titled “Mankind's dignity according to monotheistic religions”.

“Swiss Council of Bishops is a governmental institution bringing a number of orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic denominations of the Christian faith together in order for promoting mutual understanding. Iranian Center of Interfaith Dialogue has for its main objective to enable different religious communities to get to know each other and pave the way for peaceful co-existence.”