Mabda Report 09.05.11

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Interfaith Event to Counter Possible Rise in Anti-Islamic Sentiment Slated for Monday in Jersey City

“With the death of Osama bin Laden bringing 9/11 and terrorism back to the forefront this week, a group of religious leaders have organized an interfaith event at St. Peter’s College Monday “as a response to concerns that anti-Islamic sentiment is on the rise.”

The panel discussion, “What America Means to Me,” will feature members of the local Muslim community speaking before a four-person panel consisting of members from the Hudson County Brotherhood/Sisterhood Association, an interfaith group formed after 9/11 to preach tolerance and diversity among religious groups.

The idea behind the panel, organizers say, is to show that Muslims are a diverse group of people, with a wide variety of professions, outlooks on life and ethnicities.

Victoria: minister defends multiculturalism, migrants and right to wear veil

Muslim women who choose to wear the face-covering burqa should be entitled to do as they pleased, says Victoria’s multicultural affairs minister.

In a spirited defense of cultural diversity, Mr Kotsiras said isolated incidents of violence were not an example of social disharmony brought on by the latest arrivals from Africa. And while those who broke the law should be punished, ”you cannot say it’s all the community’s fault”.

Two US Muslims Denied Flight over Garb while heading to a conference tackling Islamophobia!

Two Muslim men dressed in traditional garb were removed from a domestic flight heading to North Carolina on their way to attend a conference on Islamophobia after the pilot refused to fly with them.

The incident was regarded as a bitter irony as both men were heading to a conference tackling Islamophobia which they met at airport.

“The conference is about ‘Islamophobia,’ so it’s ironic that these guys were stopped on their way here because of this same issue,” said Jibril Hough of the Islamic Centre of Charlotte.

“These guys definitely have something to talk about.”

The conference is to be attended by more than 150 religious leaders from across the country.