MABDA Report 8/12/2013

Muslim Scholars Pay Tribute to Mandela

A leading international Muslim organization has paid tribute to late South African leader Nelson Mandela, sending Muslim scholars’ condolences to South Africa government and people, as well as supporters of freedom and dignity in Africa and worldwide.

“The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS), chairman, secretary general and members, send their condolences to South Africa government and people in the departure of Nelson Mandela, an icon for struggle towards freedom, justice and human dignity,” IUMS said in a statement obtained by on Saturday, December 7.

World Muslims Pray For Mandela

World Muslims worldwide have paid tribute to the late international icon Nelson Mandela, as South Africa Muslims called for prayers for the former president, his family and friends.

“The greatest gift one can give to a human being is freedom and that is what Mandela did for all South Africans,” Ganief Hendricks, a leader of Al Jama-Ah political party, said in a statement cited by South Africa’s Independent.

Clergy Beyond Borders takes interfaith dialogue on the road

A caravan arrived at All Saints Episcopal Church in Sunderland one Saturday morning in October. In modern times, a caravan usually means a traveling circus or carnival. This caravan, however, comes a little closer to the term’s original meaning, a company of travelers, often pilgrims, banded together to travel through areas where they might encounter antipathy or ill feeling from that region’s natives.

This caravan is made up of members of the clergy from three of the world’s major religions, banded together to endorse and encourage interfaith dialogue. Clergy Beyond Borders is a group of religious leaders who have formed a non-profit organization in response to the increase in hate crimes in the name of religion that have grown in number each year since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The group hopes this educational mission will help to counter the passive, and sometimes aggressive, animosity that has been shown to American citizens who are Muslim.

Spain Regulates Halal Food

In a bid to normalize, regulate and control the Halal market in Spain, the Cordoba-based Halal Institute has cooperated with the Spanish standardization authority to develop new regulations related to the growing halal market.

“This is the first time that a Technical Committee on Standardization, addresses technical and religious aspects,” a press release obtained by quoted Hanif Escudero, the director of Halal Standardization, as saying.