MABDA Report 08/01/2014

Flowers Cover Swastikas in Sweden Mosque

Members of Stockholm mosque who were shocked last week by graffiti of swastikas on their worshiping house’s doors arrived early on Monday, January 7, to another surprise, though it was a nice one this time.

“I thought society was moving the wrong direction. But now my view changed 180 degrees,” Omar Mustafa, chairman of the Swedish Islamic Association, told The Local.

Germany Adds Lessons in Islam to Better Blend Its Melting Pot

For the first time, German public schools are offering classes in Islam to primary school students using state-trained teachers and specially written textbooks, as officials try to better integrate the nation’s large Muslim minority and counter the growing influence of radical religious thinking.

Muslims and Jews sing, talk and protest their way to interfaith cooperation

A program inside a theater on Chicago’s North Side feels a little like a talent show, or maybe a family reunion. Performers step up from the audience to recite original poetry, do interpretative dance or sing.
The sound quality’s spotty. The pacing’s a little off. But this isn’t about slick production values or seamless performances. The goal here is far more ambitious: to bridge the divide between Jews and Muslims in Chicago.