MABDA Report 06/08/12

DCMF and UNAOC partners to promote intercultural dialogue

Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) is partnering with United Nations Alliance of Civilisations (UNAOC) to enhance dialogue and develop tolerance between people of different nations.

Promoting dialogue and tolerance creatively

The Centre encourages anyone who has a passion for developing mobile apps and games residing in Qatar or in the region to participate in this challenge by creating applications or games that can be used to improve understanding between people and promote intercultural dialogue.

DCMF is the only organisation in the Gulf to be involved in this project and wishes to encourage a large audience, comprising of beginners and experts to take part in the competition.

Baku to host World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue

Baku will host the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue from May 29 till June 1, 2013.

APA reports that the international working group consisting of representatives of Azerbaijan, UNESCO, ISESCO, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, World Tourism Organization, the Council of Europe and the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe started preparatory works on the event. The first World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue was held in Baku on April 7-9, 2011.

Representatives from 102 countries, high-level officials from more than 10 international organizations, ministers from about 20 countries, employees of more than 10 think tanks and media organizations of the world, generally about 500 foreigners participated in the first forum.

Cardinal encourages young Christians, Muslims in work for freedom

Yearning and working for freedom and peace, young Christians and Muslims must be patient and persistent, recognizing that violence or other apparent “short cuts” that harm others will never lead to justice and lasting peace, said Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran.

“In the tormented world of ours, educating the young for peace becomes increasingly urgent,” said the cardinal, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

Faith, football and fasting

At the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in London on Friday, the world celebrated the Olympic athletes joining together for a truly global event. Amongst them were a number of Muslim athletes, who are facing the intersection of physically intense athletic competition and the month of Ramadan, when Muslims abstain from eating and drinking – even water. This inter-mingling between religious commitment and sports has been evocatively captured in the documentary Fordson: Faith, Football, Fasting and the American Dream. As entertaining as it is thought-provoking, the film provides a new angle on what it means to be a Muslim American through the all-American lens of football.