MABDA Report 05.12.10

MABDA Report 05/12/2010

Never Judge a person by their head cover

Muslim women dressed in Islamic attire have sadly become victims of Islamophobia. Several incidents have been recorded, that indicate verbal or physical abuse towards them merely for the way they dressed, i.e. wearing the Hijab. Unfortunately, these incidents have taken place in countries that claim freedom of choice in all aspects of life.

Christian school in The Hague bans teacher who wore Islamic headscarf

Last Friday, an orthodox Christian primary school in The Hague, did not allow a supply teacher to enter the school because she was wearing the Hijab.

“School head Teun Klaver said the school had imposed strict rules on clothing around seven years ago. The school bans all religious clothing and attributes unless they relate to the Christian faith.”

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Milia Islam-Majeed receives the 2010 Characters Unite Award

“USA Network created the Characters Unite Awards to recognize extraordinary individuals who have made significant efforts to fight prejudice and discrimination, while increasing tolerance, respect and acceptance.” Milia Islam-Majeed was the 2010 winner for the award. She is the Executive Director of the South Coast Interfaith Council (SCIC), an association of more than 140 churches, synagogues, mosques and more that promotes mutual understanding, respect, appreciation and cooperation among people of all faiths and cultures.

Muslim women such as Milia are spreading peace amongst peoples of the world. They should not be unfairly categorized because they wear the Hijab.

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CAIR Asks FBI to Probe Attack on Calif. Sikh Mistaken for Muslim

A taxi driver was attacked in the US by two violent men because he was wearing a turban thinking he was a Muslim! Stereotyping warped with ignorance made this man suffer.

“Singh has several stitches on his head and other parts of his body, bone chips in his nose, and bruising along his rib cage.”

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