Mabda Report 05/02/12

Over 100 events took place around the world in commemoration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week. A number of interfaith activists and organizations set their differences aside and were united under one roof sharing a meal, chanting prayers, dancing, and making sure to enlighten each other on the teachings of their religions, making it a bridge rather than a barrier.

Celebrations in the birth place of the World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative:

Awqaf ministry marks World Interfaith Harmony Week in Jordan

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs on Thursday held a celebration to mark World Interfaith Harmony Week, observed annually during the first week of February.

During the ceremony, held at the King Abdullah I Mosque, Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Abdul Salam Abbadi said Jordan sets an example of moderation and tolerance, noting that Islam calls for harmony, coexistence and justice.

Examples of the World Interfaith Harmony Week events that took place as far as America and Europe, down to the Middle East, then heading to countries from South and Southeast Asia: India and the Philippines.

Faith groups call for sense of responsibility and interdependence

Healing the World was the theme of an event at London Central Mosque that brought together different faith groups during World Interfaith Harmony Week.


Bulgaria holds forum on interfaith dialogue

Gramatikov, a monk who has been ordained a deacon, says religion is not a gap but a bridge between people. He insists that, despite their different beliefs, in the end, people are judged by their deeds.

SCMI Observed International Interfaith Harmony Week

The Student Christian Movement of India in collaboration with Visthar organized a Public Lecture as part of the International Harmony Week at the SCM program Center on 4th February 2012.

Interfaith Event Draws Large Crowd

More than 250 people from a variety of religious groups came together Jan. 29 in Syracuse to celebrate harmony amidst diversity at the World Interfaith Harmony Assembly of CNY. This is the second year that WTB joined InterFaith Works in sponsoring the event, tied in with the United Nations declaration of the first week of February as World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Mawlid Al-Nabi 2012: Muslims Celebrate The Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad

Today, Mawlid is celebrated in the form of a carnival in many countries. Street processions are held and homes and mosques are decorated. Food is distributed widely. Stories about the life of Prophet Muhammad are narrated and devotional poetry is recited. One of the most popular poems recited during Mawlid is Qasida al-Burda Sharif, a poem composed in the 13th century in praise of the Prophet Muhammad.