Mabda Report 03/10/11

Interfaith group encourages open religious dialogue

A Christian Scientist, a member of the Ethical Culture movement and a Methodist-Unitarian explained how certainty relates to their faith while a Buddhist moderated their conversation at the Interfaith Action of Central Texas Red Bench discussion last week.

The student division of the University Interfaith Council tries to bring similar dialogue to UT. President Imad Khan has been working to revitalize the group for about three semesters and said up to 100 people attend their monthly programs.

Dozens gather for interfaith rally

West Haven, Conn. (WTNH) - A local rabbi, an imam and a minister put aside any differences to walk together for peace.

The event marks the second annual Walk for Peace. Organizer Bruce Barrett said, "The objective of today's walk is to bring together Christians, Muslims and Jews to think in a unified fashion to bring peace to the world."

US Muslim Friendship Replaces Fear

Alarmed by the sense of mistrust that surrounded US Muslims in the post-9/11 era, Samina Sundas decided to open her house to her community to help move it from fear to friendship.

“I think the beauty of American Muslim Voice’s work is that we have brought people together that otherwise would not have come together,” Sundas, who started American Muslim Voice eight years ago, told Voice Of America.