MABDA Report 02.01.11

MABDA Report 2/1/2011

The events of early morning on New Year’s day in Alexandria show the size of the task ahead of us. Murder, destruction in Alexandria; raising of tensions, suspicions worldwide. One single evil act like the bombing of the church can overshadow the many good acts of interfaith dialogue and harmony that have taken place in Egypt and the rest of the world. But we must not allow that to happen. We cannot allow the single act of a few misguided people to dominate the countless efforts of a far greater number of people. We cannot allow that act to determine the relations between different faith communities.

2010 will be remembered by those involved with interfaith activities as the year the UN adopted a resolution declaring the first week of February as World Interfaith Harmony Week []. This is an opportunity for those determined to overcome bigotry and hate in all its forms to show to the world how numerous and serious they are. The events during this Week [and outside it] must set the tone for multi faith relations.

Benedict Announces Meeting of Faiths

Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday announced that he would hold an interfaith meeting in Assisi, Italy, this October to mark the 25th anniversary of a watershed meeting held there by his predecessor, John Paul II.

Celebrating World Peace Day on Saturday, Benedict said that he would travel as a pilgrim to Assisi in October, inviting Christians of other confessions, leaders of other world faiths “and, ideally, all men of good will, to recall the historic gesture sought by my predecessor and to solemnly renew the commitment of the faithful of all religious to live their own religious faith as a service for the cause of peace.”

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Egypt Church Explosion: Injuries Reported After Blast outside New Year's Mass

About a half an hour into the new year an explosion took place in front of a Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt, leaving at least 21 dead and 97 wounded. This heinous act targeted innocent people and hoped to drive a wedge between Christian and Muslim communities in Egypt.

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MWL approves interfaith meet in Indian city

“The Makkah-based Muslim World League has approved a proposal to hold an international interfaith dialogue conference in the south Indian state of Kerala in the first half of this year. The organization has sent a letter to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh requesting his consent.”

The three-day conference is being organized by the International Interfaith Dialogue India (IIDI) in Kochi, with the aim of promoting peace, harmony and fraternity among various religious communities in India.

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