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Islam Series

The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre English Monograph Series - Book No. 24
A Classical Primer on Tajwīd
Red Sulphur
The Project of a Viable and Sustainable Modern Islamic State
War and Peace in Islam: The Uses and Abuses of Jihad
On Invoking the Divine Name ‘Allah’
Condemning Terrorism
The Qur'an and Combat  By Imam Mahmoud Muhammad Shaltut
The Concept of Faith in Islam
Reason and Rationality in the Qur’an
Islam and Peace
Warfare in the Qur’an
True Islam
The Holy Qur'an and the Environment
The Amman Message
Forty Hadith on Divine Mercy
Jihad and the Islamic Law of War

Interfaith Series

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A Common Word Between Us and You 5-Year Anniversary Edition
Islam, Christianity and the Environment
Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism
A Common Word Between Us and You
Body Count

Jordan Series

What Remains Behind - A Eulogy

Jerusalem Series

Why Should Muslims Visit Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa?
On the Israeli Demand for Recognition of a 'Jewish State'
Keys to Jerusalem